The Misandrist (an angry comedy)

Cast minimum 5w 4m to 9w 6m +
ISBN 0-9583393-7-6
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RRP $22.50

The Misandrist (an angry comedy)
Jean Betts

Reviewers' comments include:-

"This tumultous comic experience explores the roles of women throughout the amazing history of the alterations to fairy tales."

"A play that explains to men why (some) women hate them; to women why men are confused (but trying); to feminists that their sons are often bewildered; to boys that there is hope out there and to girls that a safe world is possible - and to all of us why psychiatrists are mad!"

"Angry, funny and constantly entertaining - for anyone interested in Cinderella syndromes and the fascinating and tough world of faery."

Aoraki Playwriting Festival Award 2001
Invited Women Playwrights' Conference, AthensĀ