The Christmas Monologues / Sit On It

The Christmas Monologues: Cast 1m 6w
Sit On It: Cast 11w 2m
ISBN 9781 877319 136
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Sit on It
Georgina Titheridge

The Christmas Monologues
Thomas Sainsbury

Christmas! What a wonderful time of year! You've got your carols, your Christmas trees, your tinsel, your family gatherings, your rigid timetables, your geriatric relations alone in their hospice; you've got diseased turkey on the bone, lascivious elves, your revengeful tree decorators, your stringent religious practices, and your sweatshop made Christmas crackers ...

The Christmas Monologues are a series of stories dealing with the dark and macabre of a holiday we all cherish. An hilarious expose of undercooked festive underbelly ...

Sit on It - the hit of the Young & Hungry Festival 2009, set entirely in the loos of a trendy nightclub, is no-holds barred writing at its best. Through and through a comedy - a sharp-witted expose of one of the most sacred rituals of female bonding; a knickers-wetting revisit of all the most embarrassing episodes ever experienced in the ladies'.

"To say Thomas Sainsbury is an exciting new talent in New Zealand theatre is an understatement. He's the most challenging, down-to-earth, funny and refreshingly unsettling playwright/director I've come across in years."Sian Robertson

"... The Christmas Monologues is thoroughly enjoyable and attention-grabbing ..."Theatreview

"Titheridge’s writing is fast paced and precise. It drew frequent explosions of laughter from the audience on opening night, male and female alike, and the applause at the end was thundering. So it’s not a morality play - who cares? Apart from snobby theatre critics? This is a play that can and should travel."Renee Liang

"Sit on It is the slickest, lightest and most entertaining .... It's fast-paced and engaging..."Joanna Davies

"Titheridge’s canny ear for the casual cruelties of human interaction manages to, very on the sly, develop each of the characters into totally believable human beings. Titheridge’s wonderful script is brought to vivid and joyous life by the committed and talented cast and director ... and together they make Sit On It the highlight of the evening."Uther Dean

George Titheridge started writing poetry and short stories at University. She has written two plays; Babycakes - which was one of the winners of the Playmarket Young Playwrights’ Competition and performed at the Fringe 2008; and Sit On It. Both plays got great responses and had sell-out seasons, encouraging her to continue on the playwrighting path. She is currently writing her first full length play. She is mostly based in Wellington.

Thomas Sainsbury's many plays have been performed in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Four-time winner of Playmarket's Young Playwright Award, two-time nominee of the Bruce Mason award, finalist for the Adam NZ Play Award and Live Screenplay Competition and currently commissioned by the Young and Hungry Festival, the prolific Thomas is also writing for television and film. His plays The Mall and Loser have also been published by The Play Press.