The Cape

Cast 4m (17 years old)
ISBN 978 1 877319 112
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The Cape
Vivienne Plumb

The year is 1994. Kurt Cobain is dead; but Eb, Mo, Arthur and Jordyn are seventeen years old, on the road and very much alive. They are making a journey north to the leaping place of the spirits – Cape Reinga. A story about that moment in every young person’s life when they leave the child behind and are forced to accept adulthood.

"They tease each other, fight, argue, take drugs, and ponder life (Why do things change? Why do parents split?). They … fantasize about their futures …"Dominion Post

"I left the theatre feeling really, really good – about myself, my life and my friends. It’s important to experience theatre like this once in a while, theatre which leaves you feeling satisfied, entertained and, most significantly, happy with your place in life."Salient

"Each of the boys has a secret which is revealed along the way … All the rashness, exaggeration, facile sarcasm and fragility of youth is stirred up in the course of this journey."Theatreview

"The Cape totally rocked at Circa, and proved that young people plus cool play equals box office success …"Salient

"… a captivating and heart warming contemplation on culture, life and friendship. Its exploration of kiwi youth and the beautiful and complex ways kiwi males respond to that youth is welcomed …"Capital Times

"Here I am, a nineties teenager, and here is a show that finally caters to my culturally broad, grunge-loving generation; when P was just a letter and it was still cool to have morals … "Lumiere Reader

"The Cape … is about all the journeys we make - mental, metaphorical, physical and the final spiritual one we are prepared for, or not prepared for."Theatreview

"I think young men communicate in different ways but that contact, that camaraderie, is vitally important to them."Viv Plumb

Born in Sydney in 1955 to an Australian father and a New Zealand mother, Vivienne has published four collections of poetry, Salamanca, Avalanche, Nefarious and From Darkness to Light; a novella, The Diary as a Positive in Female Adult Behaviour; a novel, Secret City; a short story collection, The Wife Who Spoke Japanese In Her Sleep (whose title story she has recently adapted for the stage); and two playscripts. Love Knots and Fact or Fiction: Meditations on Mary Finger.

Her work has also appeared in numerous N.Z. anthologies. Love Knots was awarded the Bruce Mason Playwrighting Award in 1993 and Fact or Fiction was invited to be performed at the 2000 International Women Playwrights Conference in Athens.

She has been the recipient of the Hubert Church Prose Award (Best First Book) and she has held many writing residencies including the Sargeson Fellowship (N.Z., 2001), the University of Iowa International Writing Programme (U.S.A., 2004), and more recently she was writer in residence at Massey University (N.Z., 2006), and at the Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong, 2006), and she held the inaugural Rotorua Writer In Residence position (N.Z., 2007).

"After I wrote my play The Cape people kept asking me how I had been able to imagine the conversations and adventures of a four young guys on a road trip to Cape Reinga, the northern-most point of New Zealand. During the writing of the piece I drew a lot on my own teenage experiences – experiences that were, in fact, more wild and scary than most of the incidents in The Cape. One thing I definitely knew from the beginning was that the play would be about four teenage males travelling north on a road trip. Because I’d had a son myself I knew a bit about boys."